Brendan Schaub explains his team’s incompetence is to blame for Bobby Lee bullying and escalating drama with Khalyla Kuhn

Brendan Schaub found himself in hot water after comedian Bobby Lee and his girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn went on the H3H3 podcast and explained how Schaub tried to sue, threaten and intimidate Lee into getting Kuhn to stand back following an anonymous anecdote Kuhn shared on Trash Tuesday podcast.

Subsequently the Trash Tuesday hosts revealed that the said comedian was now threatening to sue them.

Prior to 2022, Brendan Schaub would police his screw ups via copyright claims company Bent Pixels.

Bent Pixels most notably censored a clip of Schaub revealing that both Dana White and Joe Rogan were philanderers. For Rogan, in particular, this revelation by Schaub was a big red flag considering he keeps his private life very private and is rarely seen in public with his family.

Prior to the release of the ‘Gringo papi’ youtube comedy clip, Schaub had called Lee and subsequently expressed the desire to burry the hatchet with Kuhn.

At this point Kuhn and Schaub had agreed to stop talking about the anecdote on their respective podcasts.

But Schaub went and broke this agreement the very next day when he went on the Flagrant 2 podcast with Akash Singh and Andrew Schultz.

At this point Kuhn and Bobby Lee went on a vastly more popular podcast, “H3H3”, and discussed the incident with Ethan Klein who took up dunking on Schaub in his daily podcasts.

Faced with public scrutiny, Schaub had Bryan Callen issue a public apology and try to spin the narrative that Schaub was the wronged party in this situation. When that didn’t fly, he agreed to go on the Tiger Belly podcast along with Lee and his girlfriend.

There the three rehashed the entire timeline. Here are some of the best nuggets from the podcast.

“So there’s a difference between hate and then straight, evil, toxic criminal behavior. And for 6 years I’ve dealt with this. Now if you want to criticize my comedy, the podcast so be it. ”

“That’s the internet that’s it. That’s what we sign up for. But when it crosses over into harassment of my family, death threats, my kids, going after my sponsors, companies that I work with my business, that’s that’s where it gets dicey.”


Now Schaub is using an interesting tactic. In order to villainize reddit and excuse his bullying of Bobby Lee – he’s adding the threats. They most certainly go against reddit policies and would merit a ban from the entire platform.

While Bobby Lee is highly unlikely to have anything to do with reddit – TFATK members have repeatedly gone after Schaub’s sponsors. This is in part due to the fact Schaub often crosses the line when advertising products.

One quick example that comes to mind is his ‘collab’ with e-bike premium company Specialized. During the pandemic, Schaub pivoted into promoting cycling. What he often failed to disclose is that he rode an electric bike. To add insult to injury, he would often take pictures in his backyard while wearing polarized sunglasses so his deceit would be that much easier to spot.

This prompted a member of the TFATK subreddit to email and message Specialized.

It was soon uncovered Schaub was using a custom gear feature on Specialized site to make his own merch – and wasn’t in fact collaborating with the prestigious electric bike brand.

Another far more sinister example of Schaub’s marketing mastery was claiming his child had stopped having epileptic seizures after he introduced him to CBD.

“This thing with my son, there’s some medication they can give him, you know. And for some kids who have it really bad you can give them these medications, but they’ve found that CBD oil does way more wonders than these other prescribed medicines.”

“It’s way more healthy for you. Because there’s some crazy side effects with the drugs that they want to give kids. It’s crazy. Lethargic, it changes their mood, their personalities. It can cause a bunch of problems. But since we fired up this CBD oil zero problems so far.”

So suffice to say, anything Schaub promotes receives an increased level of scrutiny from his fanbase – and this in turn affects his profit margins.

As for his kids, the post that are in any way related to them have been banned – despite him inviting scrutiny into the lives of his children with these marketing ploys.

Schaub went on to claim that his team was alerted of the youtuber Yew neek ness due to him being abusive to his own special needs child.  And at this point his team alerted him that one of the 6 accounts marked is tied to Tigerbelly (Bobby Lee & Khalyla’s podcast).

According to Schaub, one of the accounts used an email address tied to the tigerbelly domain to register. This is something none of them seem to realize – reddit previously didn’t require you verify your email – as such it’s very possible to register with a made up email tied to any domain you can think of. No I do not own [email protected] but I sure could’ve registered to reddit with it.

Tigerbelly’s support team confirmed that the address used to register on reddit is not one of the 3 addresses they have tied to the domain.

Moving on.

Annie Lederman trugg walg saga response was based on misinformation


Schaub contested making advances towards Lederman and tried to spin it as having asked to give her a lift. Kuhn was reluctant to commentate on an event she wasn’t present at.  When confronted with the contents of the anecdote  Schaub only had this to add:

“But my thing with that, Khalyla, do you think that’s nice?”
To which Khalyla responded point blank: “Oh no, but I didn’t say your name.”

Enter Brendan’s incompetent team. According to all three, the team alerted Schaub of Trash Tuesday talk on reddit. What the team failed to mention is that a name was not included in the anecdote at any point.

Schaub texted a clip of a random youtuber to Bobby Lee on February 23rd. Of course youtuber identified Schaub as the man they were talking about and used a clickbaity title “Bobby Lee’s wife confirmed Schaub tried cheating on his wife with her”.

According to Khalyla – Schaub then texted Bobby saying he’s had it. That he’s been harassed for 6 years straight.

“This is quote, this is a direct quote: you’re finally going after anyone who harasses you online including comics, that you have spent half a million dollars on monster lawyers and that you have friends in dark places who are gonna get the job done” Khalyla added.

Lee shared a screenshot with his wife. She alerted Trash Tuesdays co-hosts of the extreme response.

At this point Schaub texts Bobby Lee that he wants Kuhn and co hosts to announce that it wasn’t Brendan Schaub they were talking about during the following episode of their podcast.

Trash Tuesdays hosts thought that would do nothing for Schaub – and in fact that really would’ve made the whole thing worse.

In March Schaub went on to text Bobby to handle Khalayla “sh*t”.

 “You said I don’t want to have to get nasty with her but if I have no choice, this is all direct quotes, I can def play that game. And this was referring to the months that Bobby and I were in an open relationship thinking that that was somehow going to directly hurt me.”


At this point Schaub reiterates that this open relationship news is not ‘the bad one’. Khalayla – by far the most competent narrator here tries to soften the narrative a little bit and pinpoint that her alleged ‘criminal’ behavior concerns her stealing money from Bobby.  At this point the Trash Tuesday team discusses the threat to sue.

Following that response instagram blind gossip brand Deux Moi posts a blind item regarding the drama.

“I add during the live stream show, I said, this particular someone thinks he has dirt on me and I say go ahead expose me and I wasn’t very nice, Annie called this person someone unfunny and I said and I called that person a little b**ch and a doubt – kind of the outcome of that, it fueled more harassment towards you on reddit, after the live show on April 18th.”

On April 24th, Schaub texted Bobby the following (as per Khalayla, Schaub doesn’t dispute):

“I got a call from a journalist, not good for you.”

At this point Schaub and Callen followed up the text with a phone call  during which Callen threatened to physically hurt Bobby.

“You and Callen then follow up with a phone call to threaten to, well just Callen, physically hurt him, to end his career accusing him of being the mastermind.” Khalyla described the phone call on that day.

Both Bobby and Schaub said the tone of the call was aggressive but the threat was not really there.

“I text you the following, this is exact text: Hi Brendan it’s Khalyla. Bobby just told me you and Callan threatened him. I’m failing to understand the need for such a big reaction to something so small. Please stop with the threats to sue or create false stories to expose Bobby and
I. I am available to chat if you’d like”

The two then had a 10 minute expletive filled chat during which Schaub revealed that the FBI was somehow involved.

“This is the story that i got from you during this screaming match, is that you told me that the feds had been investigating a video of chid abuse on the subreddit” Khalayla claimed and Schaub confirmed saying:

“Correct, it goes beyond my team because of the criminal activity ”

Khalayla goes on to add: “You said feds but maybe that’s not what you meant. It’s probably, you meant someone higher up?”

“Correct yeah feds would be a bad term” Schaub confirmed

Khalayla explains that Schaub told her this body: “noticed a barrage of comments linked to one ip address, linked to a computer from my home as they continued to investigate they were able to retrieve 300 pages of evidence that either bobby or i were responsible for the six years of subreddit harassment towards you, Joanna and your kids, right? |

“All six years to one home address. I said: But Schaub, we’ve only lived here for two and a half! How is this possible?”

“Then i said, let me get this straight, you’re telling me that while investigating abuse case the feds were like yeah let’s put this beaten baby case to rest and pursue Schaub’s online harassment instead”

Khalayla went on to pwn Schaub saying: “Instead I mocked you. The argument was superheated.  I said:

“Brendan you can audit my a*shole my pet’s a*sholemy mom’s a*shole and you’ll find nothing”

“plus why are you doing all of this over a story I told on my show – I never said your name. You said that can’t be true I said roll the tapes, listen, go back”

Several hours later Schaub texted and subsequently called to apologize.

At which point Schaub and Khalayla agree to not mention each other – that Schaub will be sending her the 300 pages of documents collected by this govt body. She goes on to text Schaub 4 times in the following weeks – he sends nothing.

On May 2nd – Schaub goes on Gringo Papi promotional tour and goes on Schulz’ podcast in addition to Joe Rogan podcast.

“I was hearing from our friends in common that you had flown to Austin to speak to Rogan about the situation. No, that you were telling, hold on let me finish this, and you can defend yourself – that you were telling Rogan, Whitney (Cummings), Schultz, anyone with an ear, slanderous things about me”

“that i was a gold digging [ __ ], stealing money from Bobby, because God forbid I make my own money, that you hired a private investigator who was able to incriminate me for six years of reddit harassment towards you, Joanna and your kids and just overall assassinating, assassinating my character”

At this point Khalayla considered it was fair game to talk about the Schaub incident on H3H3 podcast. Khalayla texts Schaub to give him advance warning that he’s going to be accused for bullying on H3H3 and subsequently Callan calls Bobby to apologize.

Schaub went on to claim that he couldn’t send the document but that he would show it to Bobby Lee and Khalayla afterwards.