Colby Covington claims Poirier family is fair game because Dustin posts about his life

UFC Welterweight Colby Covington is not known for his trash talking. The American constantly made headlines for the egregious things he said.

Covington became known after his unanimous decision victory over Demian Maia at a UFC event in Brazil. Gloating after the victory, Covington proceeded to call Brazilians “filthy animals”, and stated that the entire country was a “dump”. This led to Covington receiving protective detail and basically being smuggled out of Brazil.

After that Colby’s trash talking escalated further, he went on to claim all kinds of things about opponents and especially Former American Top Team teammates.

One of the biggest rivalries is with Dustin Poirier. The two used to be training partners at American Top Team until Covington parted ways with the MMA team. Since then Poirier made it clear that he shares a deep hatred for Colby.

There are a lot of reasons for Poirier to hate his former teammate. One time, Colby accused Poirier of using ‘The Good Fight Foundation’ as a tax write off. Colby also crossed the line when called Poirier’s wife a ‘h*e’ and called his daughter a ‘prop’. He also called Dustin a ‘piece of sh*t father’.

In an attempt to get a reaction out of him, Colby once stated in an interview with James Lynch, that he was the actual father of Poirier’s children.

“I just hope they [the issues between him and Poirier] get settled in the octagon one day. But if they don’t, then the fans get to know who daddy is. And they get to know that I’m really [redacted]’s daddy. It’s not Dustin who’s [redacted]’s daddy. I’m [redacted]’s daddy and I’m Jolie’s husband.”

During a recent appearance on the “Full Send Podcast”, Colby was asked if there was ever a line he would not cross in terms of trash talking.

“I don’t think there’s a line with that if you’re exposing and putting that stuff out there,” The Welterweight said.

“As for someone like Dustin who’s openly putting his wife out there and saying, ‘he’s a good father’, He is portraying. He is using them as props. So if you’re gonna use someone as a prop, I might say something about that.”

Later in the podcast, Colby shared how his beef with Poirier got started:

“The beef started when he said it was on sight,”  Colby said. “I never said one thing about him [before]”

“He was going out on interviews saying ‘it’s on sight when I see Colby, I’ll bust him up”

“If you’re gonna say things, you gotta back it up,” Colby said challenging Poirier for a fight. “You can’t just talk the talk and not walk the walk.”

Covington later explained why he wants Poirier, despite not being in the same weight class as him.

“That’s the biggest money fight the UFC can do,” Colby explained. “I wanna do good business for the UFC.”

Despite the heated callouts, Poirier doesn’t seem interested in fighting Covington in the UFC.

After his victory over Jorge Masvidal, Covington called out Poirier during the interview.

In a now-deleted tweet, Poirier suggested that Colby should consider targeting other Welterweight contenders instead.

“Maybe fight a welterweight contender?” Poirier wrote.