Brendan Schaub Deletes Show Episode Over Epic Self Own

Brendan Schaub is one of the rare few that somehow continuously manage to fail upwards. For Schaub journalism – or fight analysis came after failing as a NFL player – and being publicly called out on failing as a fighter. But his last career choice seems to be sticking around – day in and out Schaub is keeping his many podcasts alive including two fight sport centric he does for Showtime called Below the Belt and Food Truck Diaries.

In order to keep his reputation squeaky clean – Schaub is resorting to all of the tricks from his pal Joe Rogan’s book. This time Schaub was caught cleansing the Food Truck Diaries serial of an episode over a very public moment of embarrassment on it.

Even though Schaub has long claimed to not read the comments or his social media he didn’t fail to notice how man people were laughing at him over one particular fumble. In the Food Truck Diaries episode featuring Tim Kennedy, Brendan Schaub uttered this.

Ah well. Another greatest hit fading into obscurity.