Rumor: Brendan Schaub threatened to sue fellow comedians over an anonymous anecdote

Brendan Schaub might not be able to spell litigious but he sure is capable of suing his critics – just ask small youtubers gathering in front of a local PF Chang’s.

For those unfamiliar with Schaub, he’s a former UFC athlete almost NFL podcaster and a close friend of Joe Rogan. Following the decline of his MMA career, Schaub went fulltime into comedy and podcasting and hosts several podcasts.

The latest round of Schaub ridicule started when a fellow comedian Annie Lederman shared an NSFW anecdote about a male comedian, who is not good at comedy, hitting on her with the following line: Walk me to my truck. Brendan Schaub previously owned a Custom Ford Raptor.

This anecdote was shared on a podcast Lederman cohosts with Khalyla Kuhn and Esther Povitsky named Trash Tuesday.

Shortly following the episode release, Schaub ‘fans’ caught on. The biggest tell in the clip is that the three noted that the Comedian is bad at comedy. Schaub is not only inexperienced in terms of comedy but he’s also the proud creator of the lowest rated comedy special on IMDB titled “You’d be surprised”.

Brendan Schaub has been particularly sensitive about critics after taking a big L in a online beef with Ariel Helwani. Helwani revealed a lot of behind the scene stuff that goes on with Schaub shows revealing that the guests he books often agree to it as a stepping stone to get on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Back to Trash Tuesdays. After the following clip from Lederman went viral thanks to The fighter and the kid subreddit the three ladies revealed they received some startling news. The Trash Tuesday hosts joked about a comedian with the initials B.S. threatening to take legal action against their podcast.

To those of us that have been keeping an eye on Brendan Schaub, this isn’t surprising. Schaub actually sued a small youtuber account Yew Neek ness over a clip he/she shared of someone matching his description giving his phone number to a young lady. Said youtube account has since been terminated. In the past, Schaub had used the company called Bent Pixels to silence his critics. The company is believed to have Joe Rogan ties and has subdued rumors about Rogan in the past thanks to some unsavory tactics. Bent Pixels commonly gives copyright strikes to channels that are unflattering toward Schaub (and Rogan). Author of one of the most interesting Schaub documentaries, Beige frequency documented his battle with the company in order to keep his documentary online.

While this isn’t necessarily pertinent to MMA, it’s certainly interesting to observe how these media moguls in the MMA space try to manipulate the narrative and pressure those who oppose them into silence.

You can follow trash Tuesdays on their youtube channel – and as for Schaub he’s about to release a new special straight to his youtube channel aptly named ‘Gringo Papi’.