(Video) UFC’s Andre Fill literally trashes sponsored product because they refused to pay him

Athletes in the UFC have always been forced to seek out alternative sources of income.

Apart from the pay earned with an exclusive contract, they also hope to earn additional money from other sources, one of them being paid promotions.

But not all sponsorships end happily, especially when one of the parties involved doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. One of the cases is when the UFC featherweight Andre Fili shared a video of him trashing a sponsorship product because the company didn’t pay him his money.

Early in the video, Fili briefly explained the contentious situation between him and the company called Vita Good.

He told his followers that he was gonna be paid for three shout outs on his social media.

But instead of paying him his due, the company was refusing to pay until Fili made another post.

Apparently, Fili didn’t show his face in some of the shout outs, but the company only informed him of this requirement after the third shout out was posted.

He felt cheated by his sponsors and then took the product outside and smashed the body analyzer with a baseball bat before throwing it into the dumpster.

Fili then ended the video with sarcasm saying that that was the fourth video for the company.

“So, that’s your fourth fu***ng video, here’s my face,” said Fili followed with a smile.

A veteran of 30 MMA bouts, Fili has beem in the UFC since 2013 and amassing a record of 21 wins, 8 losses, and 1 no-contest.

Fili’s last bout happened back in June of last year against Daniel Pineda. The bout was declared a no-contest after Fili accidentally poked Pineda in the eye and he was deemed unable to continue.