Brendan Schaub stutters, confronted for threatening to sue fellow comedians over an anecdote

Brendan Schaub has been going on all the podcasts this week in an attempt to boost publicity for a clip he recently released on youtube. The self released special titled ‘Gringo papi’ is reportedly not well received.

The criticism for the special ranges from racist to two year old pandemic jokes that weren’t that good to begin with. But in all this, the bigger story is Brendan Schaub turning on one of their own.

Schaub reportedly threatened to sue hosts of Trash Tuesday podcasts over an anecdote about a male comedian, who is not good at comedy, hitting on one of the hosts with a line: ‘Walk me to my truck’. Brendan Schaub previously owned a Custom Ford Raptor.

This anecdote was shared on a podcast Lederman cohosts with Khalyla Kuhn and Esther Povitsky named Trash Tuesday.

After the following clip from Lederman went viral thanks to TFATK subreddit, the three ladies revealed they received some startling news. The Trash Tuesday hosts joked about a comedian with the initials B.S. threatening to take legal action against their podcast.

During Schaub’s promotional tour he did a number of popular podcasts including Impaulsive and the Joe Rogan experience – but neither of those really examined Schaub’s recent actions. That mantle belongs to the Flagrant 2 podcast and the brazen comedian Andrew Schultz who put Schaub on the spot and made him address the rumors head on. Schaub seemed taken aback and stuttered a weak denial.