Martyn Ford breaks medicine ball during intense gym session

‘World’s Scariest Man’ Martyn Ford hasn’t stopped training even after his boxing match with Iranian Hulk got canceled. Recently, the 39-year-old broke a medicine ball due to excessive training.

The two giants were scheduled to exchange blows in a boxing ring on April 30 at the O2 Arena in London. However, several days ago Martyn Ford announced that he will no longer be headlining the event. It’s still unclear what caused the cancellation. Many boxing fans blamed The Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi for suspected photoshopping of his pictures. In the end the entire card was postponed yet again – while the team searches for the new headliner.

This led the Englishman to express his frustrations. He took to his Instagram account to share.

“I’ve given six months of my life and feel extremely frustrated to be in this position.” Martyn Ford said

Martyn Ford who constantly shares his activity on social media, recently posted a picture of a broken medicine ball. He also tagged Gym Unity official instagram account to apologize.

“Oh dear, RIP ball. [I] broke your ball and your box.” Ford wrote in the caption with a laughing emoticon.

After his bout got canceled, Martyn Ford had signed with new and notorious management and has been outspoken he will not be on the card. Meanwhile Iranian Hulk requested the promotion find a replacement for Ford or face legal consequences.

As for Ford, he’s likely to be a future opponent for Bjornsson. Bjornsson has some experience in professional boxing. The Icelandic giant has boxed 4 times. The last time he defeated fellow Strongman was on March 19 via unanimous decision. Bjornsson himself is not against boxing Martyn Ford.

“In my opinion, Martyn Ford or Mariusz Pudzianowski make the most sense. I read somewhere that Pudzianowski only wants to do MMA, he’s been fighting now for more than a decade and is a lot more experienced than me, so he shouldn’t have an issue boxing a man like myself.” Bjornsson said.