Boxing Commission On Fighter Death: They are recycling these MMA fighters that shouldn’t be fighting

Association of Boxing Commissions has issued a statement following the death of martial artist Justin Thornton.

“Disturbingly, and despite our recommendations, some jurisdictions regulating these events are still not following the minimum medical guidelines set forth by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) and the Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP),” the statement reads. “More concerning is the fact that many commissions still do not require any imaging studies (CT scan or MRI scan) in a sport where individuals are at risk for acute and chronic head injuries.”

And this perhaps wouldn’t be as much of a concern if the organization wasn’t so adamant on featuring Mixed martial artists who have aged out of MMA or their contracts.

According to reports Thornton was paralyzed following the knock out. He was put on a ventilator with a tracheotomy and IV drip. But sadly he succumbed to pneumonia.

“Every state and tribal commission needs to address safety and the process to how they do it. The ABC is not here to tell you how to do it,” Mazzulli said. “We’re here to help you do it, but (this situation has been) really disappointing. … These guys are recycling these MMA fighters that shouldn’t be fighting any more. They will not pass tests to be an MMA fighter so they go to bare-knuckle boxing. … This is a fine example of what is wrong with bare-knuckle boxing and what they are doing to these fighters. It bothers me. We talk about fighter safety and protecting the fighter at all costs. … This has got to stop.”