Iranian Hulk criticizes promotion for Martyn Ford pull out, demands new opponent

Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) has been working on a boxing for a hot minute now. The viral sensation is 29 but according to an interview he recently posted on his youtube he’s been working on his combat skills for a couple years now.

The Iranian is still keen to make his boxing debut. Initially Gharibi signed a contract with Boxstar UK to make his boxing debut against fellow bodybuilder Martyn Ford (39). But things couldn’t get off the ground. The event was scheduled for April 2nd – then it was moved for April 30th. At which point Martyn Ford revealed he refuses to participate in the event – but that he wishes the promotion well.

Following this development the promotion cancelled the April 30th O2 Arena event and went searching for a new headliner.

Meanwhile the Iranian is more than irked by how the promotion treated him. Gharibi revealed in an interview on his youtube channel (and translated by that he is still interested into making his boxing debut.

“It’s been also five months that I’ve been practicing boxing. I’ve never pretended to be a boxer, and it’s not been a long time since I started practicing. This is something that the world is judging, it’s truly embarrassing and I’ve never looked for Instagram attention as some say, I don’t need it!”

“I was totally ready for the competition and I’ve told Boxstar to replace me ASAP, because I paid high costs, I lost weight, I’ve worked out under inappropriate conditions, to attend that competition and it’s suddenly cancelled! I’m not happy that this has happened, because I’ve never been seeking for attention because I don’t need it and, well, Ford, who is a third, fourth-hand actor, might be happy.”

“I won’t say that for sure and it’s people who can judge. He was seeking attention. I’ve worked at worst conditions, I’ve been away from my family, had no training camp, totally different to Ford. I’ve said before that I don’t fight for money, but I’m sincerely saying that I live for Iranian people. I would attend this competition just for them. I’d give my life for Iran and Iranians.”

Gharibi went on to imply that Ford’s excuses are not legitimate and that he’s more than likely just scared to make his boxing debut.

Meanwhile Ford refused to address his relationship with Daniel Kinehan – and instead shaded the Iranian over an interview he made with an Iranian tv in addition to outright questioning if The Iranian Hulk photoshops his pictures.