Iranian Hulk seemingly denies he’s to blame for Martyn Ford boxing match cancellation

Martyn Ford released a cryptic statement yesterday confirming that the Boxstar main event featuring himself and the Iranian Hulk was off. For 39 year old Ford the implication was that Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) is one to blame. Some commentators were curious to know if it was a payment dispute but Ford was mum on the subject not wanting to clarify.

Meanwhile Gharibi released no statement until today.

Gharibi shared a video of himself – and his physique as a reply implying that he basically won the match considering that Ford had cancelled their play date.

“Today i heard ford dont want fight not me not any other fighters i never cancelled any fight but he dont want see me again ! its against the contract and my legal team started. actually pretty boy cant never fight, who just hide and run away he must have a permission from women first i cant believe opponent like him its shameful this victory isn’t honor for me its a century joke not century fight.”

The two were initially set to meet on April 2nd but the date of the card was moved for undisclosed injuries to April 30th. At this point the speculation was on considering that Hulk appeared deflated and that Ford was vocal about wanting an actual opponent and not to seem ‘like a bully’.

The two had a number of back and forths but very little came of it. The card is still set to happen on the 30th – however Ford likely won’t be a part of it which leads us to believe there is a shred of truth to what his Iranian counterpart is saying. In the lead up to the boxing match, Ford witnessed his friend Eddie Hall clash with Hafthor Bjornsson and perhaps saw a more financially viable option in Bjornsson.

“This is a statement I didn’t want to have to realize but unfortunately April 30, my fight is going to be postponed.”

“The event is still on, it’s just my fight. The event will still go ahead and there are some great people and fights on.”

“Unfortunately mine won’t be one of them, for reasons out of my control. It doesn’t take a genius to figure them all out.”

“I don’t want to go down the route of talking about it; too much time and energy has been wasted.”

“I’m still training hard, there will be a debut. there will be a fight, I’m just not 100 per cent sure who, when or why, but it will happen.”