Iranian Hulk explains what led Martyn Ford to cancel their boxing bout – still wants to headline Boxstar

Several days ago Martyn Ford made a video announcment that he will no longer be headlining the Boxstar promotions April 30th card with viral sensation Iranian Hulk. Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) was blamed by most in the absence of a clear reason for the cancellation.

Many speculated that Gharibi’s dishevelled physique was to blame for the sudden cancellation – and in fact Ford had given Gharibi a chance to back out during their Dubai presser which the Iranian declined.

Ford (39) is an actor/body builder eager to make his celebrity boxing debut. He refused to clarify his cryptic comments and only offered that he was frustrated after “giving up six months of his life”.

But his younger opponent isn’t happy to be off the hook – he even threatned legal action after the cancellation was publicized. Now Gharibi is explaining how the cancellation happened.

Gharibi explained:
“I had corona virus in Dubai meeting. On the day of the face offs I announced this to the organization. I never used this as an excuse. I did not run away from anything. I was present with a lung infection and a fever of 40 degrees. ”

“It is really embarassing that the fight is cancelled by a coward.”

“It does not matter to me, I am still in this race. ”

“I also told the organization to put a fighter in front of me, someone who has a fighting spirit.”

Ford has yet to comment on Gharibi’s announcement about the boxing match. To Gharibi’s credit he did appear a bit disheveled and sweaty at the face offs and the presser. But Corona virus still can’t account for huge discrepancies in his physique that were noticed by many on lookers in Dubai.