Martyn Ford writes a cryptic post slamming Iranian Hulk for not being ‘REAL’

Martyn Ford may have backed out of Boxstar’s April 30th event – but he’s not done answering Iranian Hulk’s jibes. Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) is a 29 year old social media star hailing out of Iran. Gharibi has won the sympathies of the internet by posting images of his extraordinary physique online.

Interestingly, Gharibi’s physique predates many of the greatest physique altering tools. Once their boxing debut was off – he posted a lengthy interview explaining his side of the ordeal. In the interview Gharibi explains how he was provoked into signing with Boxstar by Ford sliding into his DMs in addition to Ford being offensive to his fans.

In the end, Gharibi felt played and accused the promotion and Ford of trying to set him up for embarrassment. Because embarrassed he was. The iranian internet sensation showed up to the face offs a shadow of his internet self. Many were quick to call out his entire existence as a catfishing scheme. You can see below a sample of what the Iranian was positng in lead up to the face offs. Face off picture is third to the right.

Here you can observe how Gharibi’s physique looks different depending on if it’s taken as a picture or a video. The first picture is a picture from a highlight reel on his instargam while the other two are screenshots from videos he posted.

Lastly, Gharibi went on to claim that Ford is scared because he didn’t even try to get another opponent and make his boxing debut – instead Ford signed with a new manager and bailed.”

“All these made me gather spirits and become thirstier for a revenge, but the competition I’d planned for was cancelled by Ford.”

“It’s not just me, he won’t fight any other fighter and this obviously means fear, to keep staying away from facing any athlete. It is truly embarrassing.”

Now Ford is not taking these accusations lightly either. In the fall out from the Iranian’s video interview he shared the following to his social media:

“If I order a MASSIVE steak from a restaurant and the waiter delivers me a chicken wing, just because I’m hungry, doesn’t mean I’m eating something I don’t want,” he wrote on social media. “I’ll wait for the waiter to go back and get me that steak …. and I’m STILL hungry, we just need to find a different restaurant that sells REAL food.”