(Video) Fans In Disbelief over so called ‘Worst Boxing Stoppage’ of all time

Bad referee reactions are somewhat of a meme in combat sports. Whether it be casual judo judges who let the competitors remain unconscious, UFC refs determined to keep the bout going or lightning fast stoppages.

Stephen Newns Jr recently experienced one of the strangest finishes in his career. Boxing fans and professionals across the globe were in disbelief after footage of this ridiculous stoppage emerged online. Take a look:

He was competing in the International Elite Boxing Algirdas Socikas Tournament in Lithuania and made his way to the final. He was boxing Kutuk Baris in a middleweight bout when the referee decided to stop the action.

In the second round, the two boxers exchanged fierce blows until Baris put Nenws in a headlock and dragged him to the canvas. The referee then halted the match to check Nenws’ condition. Surprisingly, the referee gave a standing count to Newns and left everyone confused. Stephen Newns Jr was unfairly pulled out of the contest.

Newns  expressed his disappointment and also added some context to what happened.

“Although I really appreciate everyone’s support and asking if I’m ok, I feel like a broken record. So, here is exactly what happened in the second round of my final in the tournament in Lithuania two days ago.” Newns wrote in the caption.


Many boxing fans believe the referee, Mindaugas Žilinskas, was bribed. However, Newns thinks the reason was just pure incompetence.

“I’m still very shocked from what happened and I fell like I didn’t not deserve this from an incompetent referee who is not doing his job properly I the final of an international competition.” Newns wrote.

“The way that he has completely ruined my chances in a gold medal bout after all the sacrifices and hard work that I put into boxing has left me disheartened.”

“Despite that, I still had another enjoyable trip with my friends on the team thanks to Boxing Scotland, and I look forward to getting back in the ring and aiming for more success. Thanks everyone.” Newns added.

Former WBA lightweight champion Anthony Crolla weighed in on this topic and believes the opponent was definitely cheating.

“We all get it wrong sometimes whether it be boxers, refs, judges, coaches but surely this has just gotta be blatant cheating.” Carolla said.

This is reminiscent of a strange ‘boxing’ event that ended with a slam in China some months back.