Martyn Ford reveals why he cancelled Iranian Hulk boxing match: ‘I already felt bad about, the amount he got bullied’

Martyn Ford has been initially reluctant to discuss the cancellation of the much anticipated boxing match against the Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi).

Ford initially explained only that the bout was cancelled and that he would no longer be a part of the Boxstar UK celebrity boxing card.

The pure fact that he backed out of both Boxstar engagement and the Iranian Hulk boxing painted a picture that there might be more to the story than the photoshop hoax rumors that appeared to be validated at the face offs.

Ford had since clarified in a stray comment:

Since then Ford has given an exclusive to the Mirror explaining what transpired:

“As an outsider people might say, ‘What are you on about?’ but from someone who was there, who saw him and the way he crumbled. We had a face-off and it was one little push. I looked in his eyes and then turned around and said to the guys, ‘There is no fight’.”

“What happened afterwards I already felt bad about, the amount he got bullied and his reaction to being bullied breaking down on National TV. ”

“Then his parents came out and said ‘we don’t want anything to do with you, you are weak’. Then on Instagram Live when he turned around and said he hates Iranians and wants to end his life. I just thought, ‘No I can’t be a part of this’.”

Ford explained he’s still doing boxing training but there are no concrete plans to make a boxing debut at the moment.

“I am still training, only thing I am not doing is active sparring. I have switched back into its resistance and explosive power. If something does happen which I am hoping I can sign up too soon, I have been training and dedicating so much time and effort to it.”

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