Iranian Hulk: Martyn Ford withdrew from the card because he was scared – otherwise he would’ve gotten a replacement opponent

Something is rotten in the state of England. The Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) has been shinning a spotlight on some less than regular behavior from Martyn Ford and the Boxstar UK promotion.

While Gharibi was always been somewhat of a question mark – he was certainly marketable.  And promotion was fully on board to promote his boxing debut against 39 year old actor/bodybuilder Martyn Ford.

But the excitement was short-lived. In the span of a month, Ford first announced a postponement of the fight followed quickly by the cancellation of his participation in the promotion altogether.

Immediately after his pronoucements, there was no clarification made and regardless of what Ford said later as to reasons for the fight’s cancellation, it begs the question, why didn’t Boxstar UK find a replacement opponent for Ford if Gharibi’s “diminished physique” was the issue?

In the latest video interview, Gharibi shines a light on the peculiar behavior from Martyn and Boxstar UK.

“That fight, for which I had planned for, was cancelled by Ford and not only he wouldn’t fight with me, but wouldn’t fight with no other fighter which outright means they got scared and to not want to go against any other athlete really brings nothing more that humiliation and embarrassment.”

Gharibi might be missing one key detail here. In the month since their face off, Ford has joined hands with controversial advisor to mixed martial artists and boxers – Daniel Kinahan. Kinahan had been an advisor to Tyson Fury, Darren Till and more up until last week when the US announced their sanctions of him and offered a $5,000,000 award for any information leading to his arrest.

Gharibi goes on to insist he would’ve been ready for a replacement opponent.

“I was totally ready for this fight. And up until now that in all my fights have told the Boxstar organization and announced to them to find me a replacement, as soon as possible because I have paid heavily for this and shed a lot of weight I have practiced in severe cold weather. All so I become ready for the fight and I didn’t go through all of this for it to get cancelled.”

“The fact is that I have never consented to the cancellation of the fight.”

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