Boxstar postpones card after Iranian Hulk, Martyn Ford main event cancellation

Boxstar had gotten quite a headline match when they got the viral sensation Iranian Hulk to agree to a boxing debut against Martyn Ford.

The card was initially set to happen April 2nd at the O2 Arena. In the lead up to the event – Martyn Ford announced that the card will be postponed due to ‘injury’. It was never revealed what exactly the injury was – but considering the revelations Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) shared about suffering from Covid-19 during the Dubai presser and face off it was likely the cause of the first postponement.

What followed was a cancellation – in a move that baffled plenty of eager spectators – Martyn Ford recently announced that the headline event where he would box Iranian Hulk was cancelled but that the event was still on. Ford was somewhat cryptic and let the audiences assume who to blame – as opposed to giving the actual insight into who and what was to blame.

Gharibi countered his claims by saying he was still willing to participate, by explaining he had Covid and a lung inflammation in Dubai and that he would pursue legal recourse if Boxstar were to bail on his contract.

Upto this weekend, Boxstar’s official website had the card featuring Iranian Hulk vs Martyn Ford despite Ford announcing he would not be on the card on April 5th.

Now Boxstar has come out and issued a statement that the event is being postponed for an undisclosed later date. The statement reads:

Boxstar, are regrettably postponing the planned event on April 30. The announcement comes after the headline fight was cancelled earlier this week.

To lose such a big (in every sense of the word) main event has understandably been a blow to the event and to the fans. Due to this, rather than pushing ahead with the April 30, we have instead made the difficult decision to postpone the event.

Anyone who has bought tickets for the April 30 show will be entitled to a full refund.”

Boxstar conveniently opted to disable comments on the press release. Previous posts from the promotion feature many angry commenters questioning their legitimacy in addition to calling out Gharibi for his suspected catfishing.

The promotion previously attempted to hijack the new cycle by claiming to have offered Will Smith and Chris Rock a substantial amount to headline the event. In the fall out from the event cancellation, Ford signed with new management. Meanwhile his Iranian counterpart shared that he tried to confront Ford in Dubai where he was attending Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson boxing event.