Martyn Ford targeting Thor Bjornsson for boxing debut

Martyn Ford wanted to part in the demise of the Iranian Hulk. As per the giant, he felt the Iranian had gone through enough bullying during their face of and was timid about his mental health.

But this doesn’t mean Ford is giving up on his boxing career. Despite being aged 39, Ford still aims to make his way to the boxing ring. After all this is why he signed controversial figure Daniel Kinehan to be his ‘advisor’/manager.

After announcing partnership with Kinehan, Ford moved away from the partnership with sketchy Boxstar UK promotion and announced he would no longer be making his debut there – not against The Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) and not against anyone else. He instead instructed his fans to seek refunds.

In the fall out from the main event cancellation the entire event was cancelled and there are no updates in sight.

Ford is now readily speaking out about his goals for the future. Following a relationship with new advisor, Ford set his sights on Game of thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson who had defeated his friend Eddie Hall in an interesting boxing match. The award winning strongman was open to the possibility of facing Ford, from the get go.

Ford explained:

“For me in Dubai I saw the Eddie vs Thor and I thought Thor did well,” Ford told Mirror.

“It was touted out there, 100 per cent I want to fight Thor. If we are going to put it out there, name me one other person I want to fight who is the same size and would go head-to-head”

Like Ford, Bjornsson is also a successful actor having recently co starred with Alexandar Skarsgard in Northman.

“I think that is the fight people want to see as it offers the whole package. They have to have the celebrity, bring the numbers to the table and it also has to be a similar level, size and background. Me and Thor would be perfect. It makes sense on so many levels. Me and Eddie being such good friends and him beating Eddie, there is genuinely a reason for it. I hold no animosity towards Thor.”

“I don’t know the kid and there would be no ill-feeling, but I feel like it would be the opportunity to go through the gears against someone.”

Ford went on to conclude he believed he would earn the respect of the audience for beating Bjornsson – something that didn’t appear to be on the table in the long time feud with the Iranian.

But despite what Ford is saying – he was more than willing to participate in the trolling of Gharibi. It was only after Gharibi had fallen apart during a televised interview in Iran, that Ford was backing off from their duel – perhaps seeing a better target in Bjornsson.

Gharibi subsequently accused both the promotion and Ford of wanting to set him up.