(Video) Boxing ring malfunction knocks out children participants and the ref

For many kids living below the poverty lines, martial arts are a viable route to a better life. Sport offers an opportunity for them to become athletes, coaches or simply dodge the clutches of organized crime.

But there’s a pretty big question mark next to kids boxing. Regardless of the gear it might have many long term consequences on their lives and their health.

Recently a boxing event for youngsters had quite the mishap derail one of the events.

The make shift boxing ring complete with wooden floorboards appears to have collapsed under the weight of the referee. Soon after both competitors succumbed to the faulty ring as well. Many spectators called this incident ‘an extremely rare case of a triple KO’ .

No word yet on who the participants¬† were or what exactly happened to them.¬† They’re rumored to have carried on with the bout on the ‘ground’ floor.