Iranian Hulk posts self curated promo of Martyn Ford face off – Unwilling to move on from the match up?

Iranian Hulk has been in a love hate relationship with Martyn Ford for years now. The Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) hasn’t moved on from an event that has been cancelled.

The rivalry between the two started years ago when Martyn Ford shaded him during a live appearance. Despite Gharibi being reluctant to engage, it persisted and escalated with Ford allegedly insulting his fans.

“It started back in 2019 when I was insulted in a live broadcast and I was totally indifferent to it. Maybe not many of my fellow citizens have seen it but I preferred that I respond to it silently.”

“Once more in 2021 the British opponent came into my DM and continued to insult me again…I didn’t pay much attention to this incident and ignored it but after he started (insulting) my fans and also a series of stories that were more of an insult to my fans I was forced to respond to him.”

In 2021 Ford had a mock troll of Gharibi’s go viral. The troll was captioned:

“So, turns out Iranian Hulk now has challenged me twice …….. IF this guy does pass a medical, im definitely game for a scrap … HOWEVER I need a disclaimer that he is of sound mind … BECAUSE everything that he’s sent and done over the last week, well quite frankly makes me question his mental state of mind.”

Gharibi then went on to accuse his opponent of creating a ‘poisonous atmosphere’ toward him.

But despite Ford backing out of the Boxstar UK main event – and causing the entire card to be postponed – the Iranian is not giving up on the chance to box the giant. Just overnight he released a hype promo video the two appear to have shot during their weird face off in Dubai.

Now considering that the face off was a huge embarrassment for the Iranian – it’s all the more surprising he would feature it in the footage.