Martyn Ford ready to fight Thor after being left ‘gutted’ as friend Hall loses

Many boxing fans kept their eyes glued to the clash between Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall that transpired late last night in Dubai. The clash ended with Bjornsson coming out victorious having knocked down Hall twice.

In the audience was another huge (pun intended) fan of boxing – Martyn Ford. Ford is getting ready for his own celebrity boxing debut against viral sensation Iranian Hulk (Sajad Gharibi).

Ford is a long time friend of Eddie Hall and wasn’t particularly thrilled with the final result.

Ford, 39, told iFL TV: “I’m just gutted for Eddie, as a friend. But I’ll tell you what, I’d definitely f***ing knock him out.

“I’d take Thor, 100 per cent, 100 per cent. In my eyes, technically, he’s good, he’s been coached well.

“But I’d take Thor, 100 per cent, I don’t know if I’d ‘knock him out’ but I’d win. I’d back myself, 100 per cent.”

To Ford’s credit – he’s one of the rare man that can match Bjornsson’s stature. Ford stands at 6 feet 8 inches and weighs roughly 140kg. Ford has been making money by acting besides his combat sports adventures. Ford admitted he has no ill will toward Thor, and would only participate in the match up if Hall was all for it:

“If Eddie versus Thor can be made and Thor wants to carry on boxing, we aren’t a million miles away from each other.

“I don’t have anything personal against Thor, I don’t even know the guy. Technically, I’d genuinely back myself.

“I’m not taking anything away, this is Eddie’s night, I’m here for Eddie, I’m not here for calling out anyone.”

“Thor wants to stay in boxing, do I wanna do some boxing? F*** yeah. If Eddie wants me to do it, would I do it? F*** yeah.

“If Eddie don’t want me to do it, would I do it? No, I wouldn’t.”

Ford was initially scheduled to make his own boxing debut April 2nd during a Boxstar promotions card but the event was moved to April 30th after undisclosed injuries.

Ford fancies himself a new opponent – especially considering that his own match up might be a sham.

“He’s been taught very well, nice movement, composed, but he’s not f***ing venomous, man.”

“I know you don’t want to go all there, but there’s no snap in the punch. I’d genuinely back myself, back myself.”