Joe Rogan gets shadow banned on Instagram to ‘protect the community’

The social networking platform Instagram seems to be giving Joe Rogan a lot of grief. An error message was shared by the UFC commentator’s. According to one of his friends – an acquaintance was alerted by the app when trying to follow Rogan and prevented from joining his list of followers.

Rogan expressed his optimism that it was only an app bug and nothing more:

“Well, this is kinda f***ed. I’m hoping this is just a glitch? People are saying they can’t follow me. Is anyone else having this issue?”

MMA fighters, comedians, and viewers all left comments on the video expressing how they felt about the situation.

The comedian Andrew Schulz called the scenario “spooky.” He said that Instagram had just removed several of his photos.

“Man, they shut my sh*t down yesterday. Getting spooky put here.”

Billy Quarantillo, an amateur mixed martial artist, said that Rogan’s presence on Schulz may be connected to the problem. MMA fighter Amanda Leve made light of the fact that Rogan’s frequent jabs at Nancy Pelosi may have been the cause of the issue.

A user claimed that “Instagram” was a “communist-run social media site” and that it was attempting to quiet Rogan. Another person thanked the UFC announcer for bringing up subjects that most people would be afraid to bring up.

On the other hand, Joe Rogan posted a video of Andrew Schulz doing stand-up comedy recently. The UFC announcer begged his fans to support Schulz and advertised Schulz’s upcoming special in the post.

“My brother Andrew Schulz made a hilarious comedy special, but it was too spicy for the streaming platform to air, so he bought it back from them, and is selling it directly to the people. I was there when he was filming it, and the shit is f***ing hysterical. Support wild comedy!”

Schulz’s comedy special “Infamous” was set to premiere on a significant OTT platform. However, the platform requested that the comic tweak and modify the content. In response to Schulz’s rejection, he acquired the special’s rights back and sold it on his own website.