Dan Bilzerian accused The Rock of PED abuse and claimed he buys followers on social media

Social media influencer Dan Bilzerian is once again trying to stir something up with famous actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson. This time, he accused ‘The Rock’ of buying millions of fake followers on Instagram.

Bilzerian took to his Instagram story to compare his IG video’s view counts to Johnson’s. In the IG story, Bilzerian showed that his IG videos consistently get almost ten times what Johnson does despite the difference in their follower count.

Bilzerian currently has 32.8 million Instagram followers, while Johnson has a whooping 324 million.

In the IG story, he also wrote “that’s weird”, suggesting that there’s something fishy in Johnson’s Instagram. It’s either Johnson having a huge number of fake followers, or he has pretty weak social media engagement.

However, it should be noted that almost all of Bilzerian’s IG videos consist of girls in bikinis, which are basically engagement bait while Johnson’s videos are fairly regular gym posts in between promotions.

The muscular Armenian-American apparently has a personal beef with Johnson considering he previously tried to stir something when he accused Johnson of PED abuse.

Last year, he criticized the Hollywood star’s bulky physique while appearing on the More Plates More Dates podcast. He also accused the former professional wrestler of “juicing”.

“He’s obviously f**king juicing… It’s unhealthy to sustain that level of mass,” he said.

“I respect what he’s done, the guy is a f**king beast, he’s amazing and charismatic and always camera ready… He’s the highest-paid actor in the world, although I don’t think he’s the best actor… But the thing I don’t like about The Rock is I don’t feel like he gets to be authentic.”

“What’s the point in having ‘f**k you’ money if you can’t say ‘f**k you’? I do whatever the f**k I want… He does not. Unless, like, just playing this character forever is what he wants? I don’t think that’s what he wants.”

In 2009 Johnson admitted he has used PEDS during college saying:

 “I tried it,” Johnson admitted. “Me and my buddies tried it back in the day when I was 18 or 19. Didn’t know what we were doing.”

But this sort of feels like a non confession because it’s awfully a lot like “one time, way back when” as opposed to something more methodical that his current physique implies.

While he accused Johnson of shenanigan, Bilzerian himself encountered some backlash recentlyr. UFC contender, Anthony Smith outed Cowboy Cerrone and Bilzerian of kicking out his family out of their seats back at UFC 235 and going so far as to watch adult entertainment in front of them on the phone during the event.