The Simpsons Called Out for Joe Rogan skit by Andrew Schulz

Makin fun of Joe Rogan seems to be a hot trend in long running comedies as of late. The legendary cult show The Simpsons was the latest to feature a mockery of Rogan. Previously SNL featured a digital short depicting a Rogan like figure being fired for his ‘white male’ views and podcasting from his basement. To make the whole thing even more amusing they appear to have stolen the premise for the joke from another podcast.

Meanwhile The Simpsons also mocked Rogan. In the episode titled “You Won’t Believe What This Episode is About- Act Three Will Shock You!”, Homer Simpson is “canceled” by Springfield citizens after he locked his dog in a hot car.

Later, a mysterious character described as a “right-wing” podcaster welcomes Homer to share his story when no one else is willing to do so. The character is a clear satirical take on Joe Rogan.

This resulted in many fans debating if it is right to label Rogan as a “right-wing” podcaster when a good chunk of his fanbase does not identify as conservative.

Comedian Andrew Schulz previously appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience as a guest and is a long time friend of the controversial podcaster. Schulz reacted to the skit recently on his own channel:

Fellow comedian Akash Singh criticized ‘The Simpsons’ for their Rogan sketch. He said, “The Rogan thing is like, ‘What are you trying to say?’ I don’t understand.” He also pointed out how ‘Homer’ was shunned from various places and then, went to Rogan.

“And then he goes to what’s supposed to be Joe Rogan’s studio. It doesn’t say Joe Rogan. It just says right-wing podcast studio or something. … Joe Rogan opens the door, welcomes Homer in. And then Homer slams the door on Joe Rogan.”

Schulz questioned, “Who wouldn’t do Rogan?”

To this, Singh said, “Every one of those Simpsons writers would do Rogan”.