Rahman Jr says Paul bought him Instagram followers to push their boxing match

Jake Paul certainly isn’t scared of cutting corners. The youtube phenom turned professional boxer is all out. Recently he was made to address embarrassing reports about how the Woodley rematch did PPV wise and is clearly determined to not have a repeat.

Former training partner and August 6th opponent Rahman Jr recently outed Paul for some unsavory behavior. According to Rahman, Paul bought a large amount of social media followers for him in order to secure their bout.

Rahman took the bout on short notice, stepping in to replace Tommy Fury and previously had just 5,000 Instagram followers before signing on to box Paul.

His account then shot up to over 250,000, leading to accusations of ‘botting’ – or buying – followers.

He said in response to a Paul taunt: “Why did you buy me followers then?

“Why did you bot me followers? Boxing doesn’t have anything to do with followers.”

Rahman Jr said: “I didn’t ask you for nothing.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t ask you for more money, I never asked for more money.”

“I took the lowest amount at the highest level.”

“I’m the highest level opponent you’ve faced, but I’m getting the lowest amount of anybody that you have fought.”

In the official press conference of the fight that was held this Tuesday, Paul demanded that Rahman Jr. risk something else in the fight and that If he wins, he will change his name on the social network to ‘I Disappointed My Dad, through the user @ILetMyDadDown.

“When I beat you, you have to change your Instagram name to ‘ILetMyDadDown‘”, he commented before the attending media.