(Video) Fans expose YouTube star Austin McBroom for faking sparring knockdown

Famous Youtuber Austin McBroom faced backlash after he posted a clip of himself knocking out his sparring partner. Not because that might crossed the line in sparring, but because it’s estimated to be an attempt to dupe audiences.

Austin McBroom is a family vlogger who made his name big on Youtube. McBroom had one boxing match last year when he headlined an amateur boxing event booked as “Youtubers vs Tiktokers” that featured social media stars. McBroom boxed TikToker Bryce Hall and won via third round knockout.

McBroom was at the helm of the ‘Social Gloves’ promotion that held the event and was reportedly sued on a number of occasion for failing to honor his contracts with various influencers.

This time, Austin McBroom is planning yet another event complete with a ring return. He will face fellow Youtuber AnEsonGib, who faced Jake Paul in 2019. After losing to Jake in 2019, ‘Gib’ had another boxing match in 2021 against Tyler Hooder and won via decision.

Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib will be held on September 10 at the inside Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. Ahead of the match, McBroom posted a clip of him in a sparring session to showcase his boxing skill. However, fans noticed something unusual.

Broom sparred pretty lightly in the video, throwing soft punches to his partner. Then at one point, Broom performed a counter punch after his partner delivered a quick left jab. The counter punch clearly doesn’t have any weight in it. But, his partner’s reaction is quite ridiculous.

After the counter punch, McBroom’s sparring partner got thrown to the ropes and literally folded there. Fans were baffled by the overreaction and accused Broom of staging the knockout to gain attention.

Some fans are blatantly being sarcastic saying, “I respect they tried to convince us that this is not completely acted” and another said, “Great acting.”

“That got his chest that doesn’t send someone flying through the ropes.”

“Lmaoo How dumb does Austin think influencer boxing fans are?”

They weren’t the only ones, influencer turned boxer KSI also came to the same conclusion commenting simply ‘Hahahahah’ to a video of the ‘knock down’.

Some other fans also make fun of Broom’s sparring partner saying, “Why is my man wearing a hoodie can someone tell me” and “Why is bro boxing in a sweatshirt”