(Video) UFC’s Sean Strickland Knocks His Sparring Partner Out With A Head Kick

Sean Strickland has cornered the market on being a mixed martial arts dbag as of late. Strickland’s infamy began with the infamous video of him confronting ADCC gold medalist Orlando Sanchez after he pulled a dirty move during sparring.

It escalated after that into death threats and general shock jockery.

In a revealing interview Strickland admitted he’s gone through a Neo nazi white supremacist phase in his younger days. Another thing he’s vocal about is his anger issues:

“To me, I was really f—ing angry. I was so angry. I actually went through this neo-nazi, white supremacist phase when I was younger. I got kicked out of school for a hate crime. All this crazy s— where I was so angry and I had f—ed up influences in my life. It felt so good to f—ing hate something. I would walk down a street just with a knife or like a rock hoping to kill somebody. “

And finally there’s this – Sean Strickland just knocked out a sparring partner with a reckless kick

MMA community reacted to the footage:

Jack Hermansson vs. Sean Strickland was being negotiated in early December. UFC wanted it to be a five-round main event at UFC Fight Night on Feb. 5, per sources.