Fans notice swole McGregor has a stomach rash and a bald patch as PED accusations swirl

Conor McGregor has an interesting story. The Irish superstar started off as a two division champion at Cage Warriors and then repeated the same feat in the UFC. But as time has gone by, many experts claim that McGregor could never return to featherweight.

In fact, McGregor has opted to not cut weight for years now. Instead he would be duking it out with lightweight contenders at welterweight – a division higher.

And McGregor even went so far as to retire several times. In reality, retiring means withdrawing from the USADA pool which has its advantages – for one you’d be free to take whatever you want and recover from injuries.

But while we’re all more or less aware that McGregor is now tripled in size – many of us haven’t noticed some tell tale signs of PED abuse.

Recently the fans compiled the following.

While the loss of hair isn’t necessarily very damning – and goes along with aging most of the time the suspicious looking stomach bumps might be something worth a 2nd look.

Stomach bumps in general are very indicative – but not a deal breaker. Previously we’ve talked about the bumps on the stomachs of Kamaru Usman, Khamzat Chimaev and Jon Jones.

Jon Jones had several bumps on his stomach at a weigh in for a fight

So are all these injection spots to facilitate PED use? Not so fast, one doping expert claims. Derek of the infamous More Plates More Dates channel recently shared his opinion on what these bumps are saying:

“This is a fatty deposit, that’s a very slow growing, it’s essentially a benign tumor. This is something that is non carcinogenic, or at least you’d hope. So, as far as I know, the majority of them, if not all of them are essentially benign. And they are just slow growing like fat deposits in the subcutaneous layer. So this is something that is genetic, to some extent as well. I don’t know if it’s diet related, if it’s any, like a lot of it is genetic predisposition at the end of the day. And the reason you can see it in these guys mainly is because they’re so lean. So when you have this mark up here, this mark up here, these bumps all over the f–ing place, it’s a result of your lack of body fat and lack of subcutaneous water to for a lot of these guys doing heavy weight cuts, and you see any sort of abnormalities appear on the surface of the skin or otherwise they would have been shrouded in fat and water. ”

He later continued: “How do you know it’s not HGH and insulin? Reason being is you would never inject your HGH and insulin up here at the top of your stomach – down here is where you would inject the intramuscular is in general, where you would pin oil based compounds…”

“So hypothetically, if you’re trying to avoid doping, you know, you might intramuscular chute your insulin or your HGH or your whatever, depending on the circumstance, sometimes the pharmacokinetic profile will not make it actually clear faster, if you do it intramuscular. Tt kind of depends on the situation. But anyways, like in general, if you pin something intramuscular fat is going to take longer to absorb something. “