(Video) UFC legend Vitor Belfort topples TikTok star Bryce Hall in sparring

UFC legend Vitor Belfort recently had a chance to meet Tiktoker turned celebrity boxer Bryce Hall. Belfort was a hot prospect years and years ago and has been training MMA for over 20 years.

One of TikTok’s breakouts is likes to test himself against MMA pros. Bryce Hall even shared footage from a sparring session with Vitor Belfort.

Hall previously attended a jiu jitsu class with Nate Diaz and had a nice exchange with him.

“So I ended up saying yes because when Nate Diaz invites you to train, you can’t say no. So that was my day. I sparred with Nate Diaz, wrestled with Nate Diaz, and he just kept putting me in submissions. It had a ‘life is a simulation’ sense about it.”

Hall was eager to become better after losing against YouTuber Austin McBroom in the YouTube vs TikTok boxing match. He went to Belfort for a sparring session so he could soak up as much from the former heavyweight as he could.

The video shows Belfort cornering Hall and striking him hard in the body, making the young man want to take a break to recuperate.

In the next scene, Belfort once again manipulates Hall into a corner before striking the TikTok star. Hall fell to the ground as a consequence, and the spotter began the countdown.

Hall can be commended for making an effort to improve his abilities, but we wonder what motivated him to face a highly regarded and experienced opponent like Belfort. Gaining skills or clout?

Running on the track alongside Mo Farah is unlikely to help a recreational runner who wants to finish a half-marathon. A better training partner should be looked for.

On the other hand, after beating the legendary Evander Holyfield in an exhibition match, Belfort is eager to challenge a younger opponent.