Boxing fans switched from supporting Eddie Hall to backing Thor Bjornsson

Many boxing fans have turned away from Eddie Hall and are now supporting Thor Bjornsson. Some fans were left impressed by Bjornsson’s training and his change of attitude these past few months.

Thor Bjornsson is scheduled to face off against fellow strongman Eddie Hall on March 19. The two will meet inside a boxing ring dubbed the “heaviest boxing match in history”. The bout will take place at Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Dubai.

Many fans, especially Hall’s fans, acknowledged Bjornsson’s improvements both physically and as a person. Previously, Thor Bjornsson posted a video of him training for his upcoming fight against Eddie Hall. Some fans expressed how impressed they were by the Icelandic giant.

“I’ve slowly gone from being team Eddie to team Thor over the last few months.” One fan said.

One fan also pointed out how Bjornsson has changed since 2017. When Eddie Hall won the 2017’s strongman, the runner up Bjornsson accused him of cheating.

“These videos really show how humble Thor has become. The 2017 World’s Strongest Man seems so out of character compared to this guy.” Said another fan.

Some fans came into Bjornsson’s camp after seeing his fight.  Bjornsson was quite intense during  exhibition boxing match againt Devon Larratt . This will be Hall’s first boxing match – he was previously dedicated to strongman training. In addition to Devon Larratt, Bjornsson fought professional boxer Simon Vallily.

Thor Bjornsson became popular worldwide when he appeared in the famous TV show Game of Thrones. He played the giant ruthless knight Gregor Clegane aka ‘The Mountain’.