Jake Paul’s sparring partner thrown out of gym after heated sparring session

Jake Paul might be slowly building up his name in boxing but he’s certainly vary of how his image is affected. This is perhaps why the following story is coming out.

Paul’s sparring partner, Elie Augustama, came out claiming he was kicked out of the gym after a sparring session went awry.

Augustama is a boxer from Florida and had once fought Paul’s close friend J’Leon Love. Augustama was tapped to help Paul prepare for his August boxing date against a yet unknown opponent. Many suspect that Tommy Fury will be tapped as a replacement.

36 year old was spending time at Paul’s secretive training base. At that point Paul and him sparred with Paul allegedly repeatedly committing a foul which led to an argument with Paul’s coaches including head coach BJ Flores.

Augustama revealed he was expelled from the gym in the fallout from the exchange.

Augustama shared a video of himself in the gym prior to the session and all was in order however soon after he was upset and posted an instagram story declaring Paul cheated.
“So I just finished putting in this work,” Augustama said in a video, while tagging Paul with the hashtag #fairisfair. “Why am I the one to get under everybody’s skin. I ain’t going to gaslight nobody. You paid me to work and you ain’t paying me enough motherf***er.

“You want to be disrespectful just because you tried to hurt my neck because I was giving you work? You’ve got me by 40lb my guy, I already gave you your flowers, I already gave you your respect, if you want, I will fight you tomorrow Jake Paul!”
“Don’t be that type of guy because I’m helping you out, you’ve got the other sparring partner going through the flow with you so he can get paid. I didn’t come here to be paid. I’ve got my own goals, I want to be great.”

Despite harsh words Augustama is 6-18 in boxing and hasn’t won a boxing match in over a decade. Augustama was told to leave the gym following complaints about Paul grabbing his neck during the session – Flores apparently allowed for the move and the incident got more heated. At this point he was kicked out and not allowed to even put a shirt back on.

“I get a little eccentric sometimes but I’m not going to let somebody grab my neck because I’m giving you work,” he continued. “Then your whole camp is going to tell me, ‘it’s okay’, no no no.

“Excuse me BJ ‘fat f***’ Flores, excuse me Danny [Smith, another coach of Paul’s], it is not okay because I am giving you work. That’s the only problem. I’m giving you work. Give me credit the same way I’m trying to give you credit.

“They flipped on me, they didn’t even let me take my clothes off, they were like, ‘get out’. I have never, ever seen such a 180 flip. That’s normally what I do, because I’m going to push you. You say you want results. I’m going to see if you really want those results.”