(Video) TikTok star suffers brutal KO at hands of rival in internet celebrity boxing match

YouTube personality Daniel Aloha recently knocked out TikTok star Khaled Azizi, leaving him flat on his back on the canvas. The event was an influencer boxing competition organized by another TikTok creator, TurunPug.

It included three fights, including a boxing match, and a muay thai match. The event brought together some of the nation’s top innovators in the field.

In front of an audience, Azizi and opponent Aloha were dueling in the night’s last round. Aloha was seeking for an opportunity to hit Azizi. Aloha approached Azizi, who was also attempting to be more aggressive, to bridge the gap.

Azizi attempted to counterpunch when Aloha landed a jab. However, he was seen swinging erratically and failing miserably. After that, the YouTube star delivered a spectacular right-hand hook that left Azizi writhing on the ground. Azizi was struck down cold as the booming blow impacted flat on his chin.

Azizi was soon given medical attention after being seen immobile and lying on his back as his opponent celebrated the win. The Finnish presenter of the card, TurunPug, entered the scene after blowing up his own vehicle.

TurunPug chose to organize an exhibition boxing match and become the most recent content producer to demonstrate that less skilled boxers can nonetheless put on a spectacle in the ring.

The number of social media celebrities boxing has increased, with YouTube creators Jake Paul and KSI setting the bar by making the sport their vocation. The “Creator Clash” card from last month was put on by well-known YouTuber iDubbbz. In the event, there were a number of Twitch broadcasters in attendance.

In order to draw a sold-out audience to the Florida location, iDubbbz decided to hold the event with all revenues going to charity. But in the night’s major event, which drew a lot of attention, fellow content producer Dr. Mike outperformed him on the scoreboard.