Undefeated boxer aged 18 dies after sparring session

Undefeated boxing prospect from Nigeria suddenly died after a tragic sparring session at the age of 18.

Combat sports community in Nigeria was struck with some sad news. A young and promising boxer Miracle Amaeze died in a horrific training session yesterday. Amaeze was a rising star in his homeland and a lot of fans had faith in him. However, reports in Nigeria confirmed his passing.

Miracle Amaeze was practicing his skill in a sparring session at a gym in the major city of Lagos.

The 18-year-old suffered several heavy blows to the head but continued to train. He was knocked down twice and eventually rendered fully unconscious.

The light-heavyweight boxer was given first aid treatment and quickly sent to hospital. Unfortunately, he failed to pull through and passed away in the evening.

His death was surprising news for local boxing fans. Amaeze had a clean score consisting of 2 wins and 0 losses. He also won all of his bouts with knockouts in the first round. His second match was just three weeks ago on July 1.

Amaeze’s passing is not the only tragic news in the boxing community in Africa. Several weeks ago, South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi died after a worrying moment inside the ring.

In a video that went viral, Simiso Buthelezi can be seen throwing a combination of punches. Mntungwa evaded the attack but fell back through the ropes in the process. After Mntungwa got back on his feet, Buthelezi lost his understanding of the present situation and started punching thin air as he walked towards another corner.

The match immediately halted following the shocking moment. Buthelezi lost consciousness afterwards and rushed to hospital. He fell into a coma and his health deteriorated when he got to the hospital. Later on, Buthelezi was confirmed dead due to brain bleeding.

These cases aren’t isolated either. An indian mixed martial artist lost his life during a kickboxing bout just last week and the coaches and family are blaming the venue for lack of medical personnel.

As is, there’s not enough awareness about concussions in combat sports. New York State Athletic Commission’s Dr. Nitin Sethi recently recommended the following be implemented (h/t combatsportslaw)

Post-concussion return-to-boxing protocol
Once the boxer is symptom free for at least 24
hours and a medical release to return to the gym
has been signed by the treating physician, he/she
can begin a graded return to boxing as detailed

Begin with light aerobic activity (walking or stationary bike for 10 minutes, no resistance training).
If asymptomatic, progress to boxing-specific activities such as jumping rope and shadow
If asymptomatic, progress to non-contact training skill drills (e.g., pad work, speed bag, heavy
bag, etc.).
If asymptomatic, progress to light sparring with
full head gear.