Tommy Fury makes PED testing claim after accepting Jake Paul fight

Jake Paul allegedly agreed to a PED test just to avoid more postponements of their scheduled match in August, according to Tommy Fury.

Last year, a fractured rib and a chest infection caused Fury to cancel his scheduled December match with Paul. Now the two have resumed their discussions over a new confrontation. Finally, Fury accepted Paul’s $2 million offer to have a fight on August 6.

Fury’s father John accused Paul of refusing to participate in voluntary PED testing during the lead-up to the prior scheduled event. Tommy Fury recently tweeted: “The fight is on. August 6th. Forget a team or any other bull****.”

“I don’t need anybody to help me lay you flat on that canvas. ”

Paul has not yet responded to the latest claim. However, he attacked Fury and accused him of stalling in signing a new bout contract in a recent video.

Along with a guaranteed $2 million bout pay for his opponent, Paul also said that the new contract terms also included VADA testing.

Jake Paul has previously denied claims that he chose not to submit to a PED test. He claimed that Fury’s team cooked up the accusation to detract from the fight’s build-up.

Regarding claims that he refused to undergo a pre-fight PED test, Paul said,

“It’s people making stuff up. John Fury spent 11 years in prison [he was sentenced to 11 years, serving four before being released], he’s a delusional old guy.”

“He just made a rumor up and everyone believes everything they read on the internet every day which is sad because people don’t actually look into it. ‘.”

“The Florida State Athletic Commission is testing Jake and Tommy multiple times and so there was never a denial on my end of doing any sort of PED test.”

Any new match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will probably take place at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Fury has now verbally agreed to the fight date and financial offer.

Fury said in a long Instagram video: “In the contract with Jake Paul, which had everything in it but the kitchen sink, he refused point blank to sign up with the  testing people VADA.”

“To me, that’s very naughty because we’re meant to be in a very high-profile fight. We’re doing it, we’ve always done it. You can test a Fury every day of the week and 10 times on a Sunday – Tommy’s got nothing to hide. Can I say the same about Jake Paul?”