Tyson Fury accuses Dillian Whyte of cheating during bout

Tyson Fury had a spectacular night last night. The WBC Heavyweight cashed in close to $30 million for his bout against Dillian Whyte. Despite the fact that Fury won he was still a bit salty about some of the tactics Whyte utilized.

Fury towered over his opponent and used his reach to his advantage throughout the match, landing many jabs and softening that chin for that final uppercut. Still Whyte put up quite a resistance dirty boxing the champion througout.

Fury compared his style to that of Wladimir Klitschko.

“He tried to make it rough, fair play to him, he was trying to man handle me in there,” Fury said after the fight. “Have you ever tried to wrestle with a dinosaur? I’m like a T-rex in there. I’m 6ft 9, 270lbs. It’s difficult.”

“He tried hitting me with elbows, head, he tried nutting me, done a Wladimir Klitschko on me. He was trying everything. He was using forearms, trying to elbow me. When you try and cheat in a fight, you always come up second best. He went to nut me and got cut. He didn’t fight a world champion tonight, I ain’t no world champion. I’m a legend in this game. You can’t deny it I’m the best heavyweight there’s ever been.”

Despite what Fury might tell you – it’s actually his illegal move that impacted Whyte. Fury headbutted Whyte on accident opening up a slight gash about his eye.

After the fact, Fury kept his promise and delivered a retirement speech – even though his own wife shaded him for it during.

Fury did deliver many viral moments, among them an interview on ESPN featuring Francis Ngannou and setting the mood for their 2023 exhibition. As per Tyson, he’s open to using any ruleset Ngannou chooses.

“There’s never been a ring magazine holder in my era, not one of them. And it hasn’t been in linearly my era because all roads lead to the Gypsy King, and I was unbeatable in this game. I definitely think so. Well, I’m not ruling out I will not rule out exhibitions, for sure. Get some of that Floyd Mayweather money. You know, I want to have fun. You know, I’m an entertainer you thought tonight and I entertained is what I do best. I’m an entertainer. So I want to have a lot of fun. You know, big Francis Ngannou, who was here today. He’s on my hit list. In an exhibition fight. However he wants, in a cage in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves. We can make it up. I think everyone says it is a monster of a guy. I’m a monster of a guy. So it’ll be a clash of the titans for sure. Thank you”