Tyson Fury Claims Computer Science in Boxing is Bullsh*t

The two-time world heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, recently slammed sports science as he doesn’t use it and remains undefeated in spite of it in his pro boxing career. The Gypsy King revealed on Instagram Live during a fans Q and A.


The 33-year-old man explained that he doesn’t think computer science and technology have anything to do with boxing.


“In boxing, computer science, technology, I personally don’t think works. Because take me for instance. I’m fat, I’m bald, and people say I’m out of shape. I don’t do any of that bull**** with computers, numbers on a screen, and all that stuff. But yet, I always win. So it obviously means… it means f*** all.” Said Fury on Instagram Live.


The science of boxing analyzes the way a boxer uses their footwork, defense, style, and their approach to each specific fight all combined. Tyson Fury noted that this doesn’t appear to work for either Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz.


“Like, when you look at the likes of Anthony Joshua, who follows all the rules, science rules, numbers on a screen and whatnot. And you look at Andy Ruiz who didn’t do anything but eat Snickers for the full two weeks that he had, and went in there and knocked him out.”


Anthony Joshua lost his first match against Andy Ruiz via technical knockout and was stripped of his titles in 2019. Eventually, he managed to get it back the same year via unanimous decision.


“And then probably didn’t even train for the rematch and took him the distance, so, there’s a lot of stuff to say that all the numbers and things. The science doesn’t really work in boxing. I don’t think it does, anyway.” Added Fury.


Tyson Fury recently finished off his nemesis, Deontay Wilder, on October 9 and retained the WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles. Fury is now focusing on training his half-brother, Tommy Fury, who is scheduled to fight the Youtuber Jake Paul on December 18.