Iranian Hulk tried to confront ‘Cowardly Coward’ Martyn Ford in Dubai

The boxing match between The Iranian Hulk (real name Sajad Gharibi) and Martyn Ford quickly became one of the most anticipated combat sports events of the year. The match became a viral sensation after The Iranian Hulk was exposed for photoshopping his gains. Later at a press conference, Hulk and Ford shared a heated faceoff that ended with Martyn Ford sending the Hulk flying across the room.

Unfortunately for everyone invested in the boxing match between The Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford, Martyn Ford announced this week that the fight was canceled.

“This is a statement I didn’t want to have to release but unfortunately April 30, my fight is going to be postponed,” Ford wrote on his Instagram. “The event is still on, it’s just my fight. The event will still go ahead and there are some great people and fights on.

“Unfortunately mine won’t be one of them, for reasons out of my control. It doesn’t take a genius to figure them all out.”

“I don’t want to go down the route of talking about it, too much time and energy have been wasted.

“I’m still training hard, there will be a debut, there will be a fight, I’m just not 100 percent sure who, when, or why, but it will happen.”

In his statement, Ford clearly indicates that Gharibi is to blame for the cancelation of the bout. Previously Martyn had questioned if The Iranian Hulk was serious about the fight and if he was taking it seriously.

These statements did not sit well with The Iranian Hulk. Recently, Gharibi talked to Muscle and Health and stated that Ford was a “coward” for backing down from a faceoff in Dubai ahead of the boxing match between Thor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall.

“He ran away to avoid meeting me and refused to face me on the sidelines of the boxing match in Dubai between Thor and Hall,” The not-so-incredible Hulk said. “I went to the hotel where he was staying, but he hid behind his bodyguards then fled Dubai the next day.”

“I just wanted to see him alone to respond to his cowardice. Martyn is scared.

“I will come to London, and this will not go unanswered. Martyn Ford a cowardly coward.

“I’m actually ashamed to be considered his rival because he is more of a virtual clown than a fighter. He’s just looking for followers and views, not a fight.”

Later, The Iranian Hulk insisted that Ford was to blame for the cancelation of the bout.


“The contract we have for the match did not allow any of the fighters to cancel the fight, and my manager, Mostafa Hashemzehi, will pursue this issue legally.” said the Hulk.

Martyn Ford expects to find a new opponent for his boxing debut this year, however,  nothing official has been released yet.

Gharibi recently revealed he was struggling with fever and pneumonia during the infamous Dubai face off.