Twitter reacts to Iranian Hulk photoshopping his gains ahead of Martyn Ford fight

Iranian Hulk has been having a tough week.  30 year old Sajad Gharibi is eagerly anticipating his boxing match against World’s Scariest man Martyn Ford. Ford is massive in stature standing at 6’8” and weighing in at roughly 320 lbs.

And for a couple of years it appeared Ford had found his match in an Iranian of similarly huge physique. Gharibi became infamous by his giant overall stature. But many fans online claim that with this face off, there is definitive proof that Gharibi has been catfishing the combat sports fans as far back as 2015.

And the online combat sports community isn’t letting him get away with it either. Once the pictures appeared online they caused a variety of reactions. While most were quick to conclude Ford would emerge victorious when the two meet for a boxing match up – some even apologized on the behalf of Iranian people.

While many are quick to judge the ‘Hulk’ – his opponent Martyn Ford still has some sympathy for him.

“I apologise to all the people of Iran for this, but know that this is not the end of the story, and I will say the main thing in the competition, I promise.” Gharibi said in his apology after the scuffle at the face off.

“The Iranian team was told before the conference that they only face each other, and that you have no right to hit your opponent.”

After Gharibi explained he came to the face off alone and has no coach to accompany him Ford added:

“I will say one thing, after meeting the Hulk, and seeing some of his videos in the last 48 hours, YES we are due to have a boxing match, BUT I do not want to see any hate towards him,” he said.

“We have both stepped into a pressure cooker. It’s not an environment either of us are used to … BUT please show some compassion for his feelings, no matter what you feel … WE ARE ALL HUMAN, WE ARE BETTER than this.”


Iranian Hulk aka Sajjad Gharibi, is currently scheduled to take on heavyweight rival Martyn Ford on April 2nd. But before Ford became the front runner challenger for the massive Iranian, Hulk had another known contender – UFC featherweight Brian Ortega.