Iranian Hulk promises to KO rival Martyn Ford after ‘hateful comments’

Iranian Hulk is gearing up to prove the doubters wrong. The Iranian citizen, Sajad Gharibi is facing a huge online backlash following comments targeted at his diminished physique. Gharibi says he’s dealing with a lot nowadays – from being homesick prior to ever leaving Iran to accusations he’d like to become a refugee in the UK.

One way or another – we’ll se a conclusion to this saga come April 30th considering that’s when Boxstar is staging a boxing event featuring Sajad Gharibi, better known as Iranian Hulk, and actor/bodybuilder Martyn Ford.

In the lead up to the clash, Gharibi guested on Iranian tv and shared a little bit about what he’s facing. He wasn’t scared to turn on the waterworks either.

“If Iranian people give me a chance and end these hateful comments attacking me, I promise that I have a good surprise for them,” Hulk said during an interview on Iranian TV. “I am sure that I saw fear in Martyn’s eyes when we came face-to-face in Dubai.”

Gharibi added:

“I saw fear in his face, if the Iranian people allow me once to go in the ring I promise you now that Martyn will go out of the fight on a stretcher. I want you all to finish these bad comments and let me train again. If I don’t win then you can do whatever you want. I promise that either I or Martyn will be taken out of the ring on a stretcher.

“I will give my life for this fight, and I couldn’t do anything to show you in the press conference because I controlled myself. I swear this will happen if everyone just gives me a chance. I promise everyone on April 2 and my mum you will be proud of me.”

His claim he was controlling himself at the press conference is especially curious considering he tried to instigate an incident there as well.

In addition to this current pity party he’s throwing – he also tried something similar in Abu Dhabi. There he had made Ford sympathize with him due to the fact he had nobody coaching him and was practically there on his own.

Many question if he will even show up considering that his physique appears diminished and many including his opponent speculate wasn’t even there to begin with. Bare Knuckle FC previously negotiated with him to make a debut there but the founder suspected Gharibi’s physique and never got physical evidence of it being otherwise.