Iranian Hulk refutes claims he looks photoshopped, says it’s due to poor nutrition

Regardless of what’s happened with the Boxstar UK’s April 30th celebrity boxing card – the biggest story that came out from the event’s promotion was photo confirmation that  Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) may have photoshopped his looks.

Gharibi, 29, looked significantly different than what he shares on social media.

After the face off, many were quick to point out he appears different in the fall out from the confrontational face off.  Including Martyn Ford.

“He was not what I expected. I think he’s just fooled the world with photoshop, if I’m honest. Seeing him in real life is not as impressive as seeing him in pictures.” Ford said.

At a later date he added:

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Let’s just say, what they turned up was not what was sold to us by the investors. This followed up by crying on the tv and saying that he wants to end his life. Was enough for us.”

Soon after the whole thing started falling apart with Martyn Ford backing out of the event – and subsequently Boxstar UK postponed again in search of a new headliner.

Gharibi went on to claim he was set up by the promotion and Ford in order to destroy his reputation.

“I heard that in an interview he recently might have come and said that Sajjad
was not what I was looking for and again has created a poisonous
atmosphere against me, and I don’t think he had any other nonsense to say to explain why he cancelled his fight and he couldn’t have said it straight –
that he was scared and stressed and that he couldn’t take this fight on”

“So he was forced to use these ridiculous words and to insult and to assault but that who has no doubt about his strength, would enter the ring and when that happened I had already informed the organization and even told them that my COVID-19 test result is available and they can contact the Lab in Dubai”

“I was COVID positive and had a pulmonary infection. And while having a 104
F degree fever, entered the ring and came face to face with him, I had already told the organization and the organization had already told me that it’s just face to face and and nothing else is going to happen no face off is involved”

“Arrangements were made to destroy my reputation and a face off happened while I did not have any practice or appropriate nutrition and Dubai’s conditions weren’t appropriate for me”

“I understood that the intention of Boxstar and Ford’s team was only to destroy
my reputation I had taken thousands of deadly hits but stood up again and never paid any attention to my injuries and never considered it the end
and that I couldn’t go on anymore. It might have been after these ungenerous
strikes in the face off that I — while I I showed up while
being COVID positive and the organization knew that I wasn’t in my best shape, but the second round was supposed to happen in Paramount Hotel, journalists were already present there unfortunately, Ford was hiding behind his body guards”

He later added

“I have never ever said that that I am a boxer, because it’s been only
in a while that I have started practicing and it is only how I’m
being judged by the world and it’s really shameful, a real shame and and I was never after cared for fame on Instagram those are things they say about me on the social media…but since I didn’t feel the need for it I was totally ready for this fight and up until now that in all my fights have told the Boxstar organization and announced to them to find me a replacement, as soon as possible because I have paid heavily for this and shed a lot of weight”

Watch the full interview below.

“Practiced under the worst conditions, with no appropriate nutrition. I was away from my family, camped to practice. My conditions were not equal
to those of the British Ford my facilities could not even be compared to his I have already said it, I would never fight for money, ever I sincerely am saying this The only reason Sajjad Gharibi is breathing, is for the love of the people of Iran”


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