Max Holloway Announces Metaverse Fight Against Khabib Nurmagomedov

Max Holloway was once the front runner to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title. For Nurmagomedov road to the UFC title was paved with problems – for one Dana White had promised him a title shot against Eddie Alvarez but then booked McGregor vs Alvarez in spite of Nurmagomedov having signed the contract.

Nurmagomedov would get his title shot – in April of 2018 against Al Iaquinta. He would go on to rule over the division until his retirement in 2020. Now former featherweight champion agreed to take part in the First Metaverse Fight in history. Holloway will be taking on Nurmagomedov on February 12th.

The fight even has a star studded commentary team with Daniel Cormier and Islam Makhachev attached to narrating the big show.

Previously Khabib announced he will be a part of the Legionfarm NFT, a new metaverse game.

Legionfarm is a gaming company that allows gamers to play against professional gamers and even athletes.

This new gaming platform will also monetarily reward high level gamers. The company states that its goal is to create 1 million new jobs within the metaverse.

In addition to Khabib, Legionfarm has just announced another former UFC Champion to their team, former Featherweight champion Max Holloway has also partnered with the company.

Is Legionfarm legit?

Legionfarm appears to be a platform that offers access to professional athletes and gamers to regular people – in return for winning or acquiring a Legionfarm NFT. While it’s hard to confirm whether there’s some long term play out – it’s fairly certain that the event will be happening on February 12th and it will feature Holloway and Nurmagomedov as they’ve both videoed content for the project. As far as personal engagement with the professionals is concerned we’re unable to verify how the events will be structured in future at this time.



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What is the price of Legionfarm NFT?

Legionfarm NFTs appear to be a part of the Legionfarm Gaming Heroes #1 collection. The collection contains roughly 1300 items varying in value. Currently lowest rated item goes for 1.2ETH which is roughly $3700 today. The highest value item in the collection goes for staggering 36ETH or $111,000. The collection appears to contain only boxes marked by numbers. The collection can be viewed at opensea.