Mike Tyson was cool as a cucumber when a deranged fan pulled out a gun

Mike Tyson was attending a small comedy show at a Hollywood bar when a stranger that looked like a fan approached him. According to eyewitness reports, the man was challenging Mike Tyson.

Tyson kindly refused the offer and didn’t miss a beat. Moments later a man who claimed to be the host got between them. In order to get the fan away from the star, the host started pushing the stranger around while saying: “What the f*** are you doing? Get the f*** out of here. I’m not playing with you, get out of here.”

The host was about to kick the stranger out when the individual decided to pull a gun out in the room. Everyone including the observer that videoed the incident was visibly disturbed.

People started heading for the exit in fear. Meanwhile, the former Heavyweight Champion didn’t even flinch. Tyson remained relaxed in his seat until he decided it was time to defuse the situation.

He asked the armed man to join him and started a friendly conversation with him with the intent of calming him down. He then hugged his armed fan, which was enough to defuse the situation.

That is not the first time Tyson had a gun pulled on him. An infamous boxing tale featured legendaruy boxing trainer Teddy Atlas pulling a gun on Tyson when he was just 15 years old.

In an interview with “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” in 2010, Tyson shared that he also remained calm when the trainer pulled a gun on him.

“I’m 15-years-old, this guy however old he is, 26, he pulls a gun on me and didn’t even shoot me. So that tells you how much of a tough guy he is. He pulled a gun on me and didn’t even shoot me. If I pulled one on him, God knows those bullets are not going in the air.”