Tyson Fury knocks out Dillian Whyte in spectacular fashion, calls out Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury is the real deal. The reigning heavyweight WBC champion just stopped Dillian Whyte in spectacular fashion.

32 year old Fury went to to toe with 32 year old Whyte – and got the upper hand sort of speak. The boxing bout between the two took place at the Wembley stadium in London.

The deciding hand during the bout appeared to be Fury’s massive reach and height advantage – Fury towered over Whyte. Whyte held his own for a while but was slowly getting worn out. In round 4 he earned a cut above his eye thanks to an accidental headbutt.


The spectacular final blow came by way of uppercut. Whyte immediately landed on his behind and was unable to get up. He initially rolled on his belly. Tried to force himself to continue however as soon as he got to his feet his feet wobbled and the ref caught him next to the fence. He ruled that Whyte was unable to continue right after.

Fury kept it short and sweet after the win. “I think this is it,” Fury said after the win.

He’s been talking about retirement for a while now. He could technically still retire now. If not he’s likely to set his sights on winner of Usyk Joshue.

As for Francis Ngannou – he was actually in the crowd at the Wembley stadium. After the highlight reel knock out, Tyson called him out.

“Before we leave I wanna bring in Francis Ngannou. Francis – ESPN.” Fury told the current UFC Heavyweight champion.

This is especially hilarious considering that Ngannou has no right to negotiate a boxing match before December when his UFC contract lapses. And perhaps even more so considering ESPN is a partner of the UFC.

Fury started “I’m the boxing heavyweight champion, he’s the UFC heavyweight champion, he’s in great shape – look at the muscles”

Francis added: “And we wanna find out who is the baddest mother f—er on the Planet.”
Fury finished: “Excuse the language”

Ngannou went on to clarify it would be a mixed rules bout, something a litle different. Fury echoed the sentiments during his press conference afterwards.