Mokaev blasts Russian politicians irked that he’s representing United Kingdom

Muhammad Mokaev will take on Charles Johnson in his next bout this weekend. Mokaev was born in Russia but represents the United Kingdom because he was raised in England.

This has drawn criticism from Russia.

As a Dagestani immigrant who came to the UK when he was five years old and defeated his opponent in his UFC debut, Muhammad Mokaev is a rags to riches tale.

Mokaev won’t be in the UFC for long, he plans to retire due to the dissonance between Islam teachings and MMA

Muhammad Mokaev could not speak a word of English when he first came in England. He will proudly fly the St. George’s flag exactly nine years after fleeing Russia with his father after the death of his mother.

Mokaev tweeted:

“Mad how Russian politicians are going crazy because I lift UK flag, 5 years ago I was nobody to them, now they use my name everywhere, I will never bend down in front of politicians, I always stand up for my people and will represent the country that help led me growing up!”

Mokaev now thinks that his path to competing in MMA’s premier league would serve as an example for migrants all around the world.

He told SunSport:

“I want my story to inspire people, especially coming from the refugee background. I’ve been around these people for a long time, I’ve been a refugee for ten years now.”

“That’s why I was so happy about getting my British passport, I couldn’t travel normally. People talk about refugees and say, ‘They come to this country and they don’t have families and they’re happy with what the Government gives them. “

“But to come to the country, you have to put yourself on the map so as not to be put in the same circle as all refugees. You have to stand out and believe in your skills. It doesn’t matter if you know English or not, you can build something here.”

Mokaev added:

“If you could do it in your own country, you can do it here too. That’s what I want to prove and make the motivation for those people.”

Since he made his amateur debut in 2015, Mokaev had little doubt that he would eventually make it to MMA’s top organization. However, the fearsome wrestler confessed that the day he signed his UFC deal was emotional:

“It was special. But to be honest, the most interesting part of the journey is to now prove to people that this is possible.“

Muhammad Mokaev is one of the most intriguing competitors to enter the UFC’s flyweight division in a long time. He has now improved his unblemished MMA record to 7-0. He uses a wrestling and striking style that is very deadly. Given that he is just 21 years old, it is mind-boggling to imagine what this youngster is capable of.