When Devin Haney insisted He’d Beat bodybuilder Bradley Martyn in real life despite weight difference

A while ago in a spirited exchange, professional boxer Devin Haney proclaimed that he could defeat bodybuilder Bradley Martyn in a hypothetical confrontation, despite Martyn’s considerable weight advantage.

The conversation began with Haney questioning Martyn’s weight, with Martyn eventually revealing that he tips the scales at around 260 pounds (approximately 117 kg). Haney, who typically weighs around 150 pounds (68 kg), remained undeterred, stating, “I would kill you, bro. Yeah, I love this. I would kill you.”

Haney’s confidence stems from his belief that Martyn, despite his impressive physique, lacks experience in taking punches. “You think you’d piece me up that fast? I’m gonna hit you so many times… I’m gonna hit you so many times that by the time that you do get to me… I’m asleep,” Haney told Martyn on his podcast.

Martyn, who has built a massive following on social media, is known for his impressive muscular physique. However, Haney dismissed the notion that Martyn’s physical strength would give him an advantage, saying, “Muscles don’t mean nothing… If I could jump on you, then maybe. If I could hold you on the floor, sure. Yes.”

Haney’s main argument was that Martyn is unaccustomed to taking punches, whereas he, as a professional boxer, has extensive experience in withstanding blows. “You cannot take a punch, though. So, like, you’re not used to getting hit… I’ve been hit, though,” Haney said.

When Martyn pointed out his strength advantage, Haney countered, “You go on a bench press, bro, I can’t even do two plates, bro. I can’t, I cannot bench press two plates. But I punch harder than you.”

Throughout the conversation, Haney repeatedly emphasized his confidence in his boxing abilities, stating, “I know so. Bro, he’d rock you in your head. I know so.” Martyn, on the other hand, seemed to acknowledge Haney’s skill, saying, “You’re right, you’re right. I would never wanna fight you though.”

The exchange is particularly interesting in light of recent events. Haney boxed Ryan Garcia who missed weight by 3 pounts – and lost for the first time in his career.

Devin Haney recently expressed dissatisfaction with his loss to Ryan Garcia, suggesting that Garcia’s three-pound weight advantage may have influenced the outcome. Haney’s statement, made late Wednesday night, subtly called for a rematch, emphasizing the importance of fairness in any future bout. However, the prospect of a rematch seems uncertain due to conflicts between promoters. Oscar De La Hoya, Garcia’s promoter, commented on Haney’s Instagram post, indicating that a rematch won’t happen because of issues with Haney’s promoter, Eddie Hearn. Despite this setback, if both boxers genuinely desire a rematch, it could still materialize.