16 year old Sambo champion killed during Ukraine airstrike

As the invasion of Ukraine continues the number of casualties grows bigger. During the airstrikes carried on during the night of March 8th pm residential areas in Sumy, Ukraine a young soul lost his life.

16 year old Artem Pryimenko and his family died during the airstrike. He was the champion of Ukraine in sambo wrestling.

Among those deceased are the young man, his two younger brothers, mother, father and grandmother.

His coach Evgeny Leonenko informed the public via facebook.

According to his account, Artem Pryimenko died during an air strike on Romenskaya Street . With him were dad, mom, grandmother and two younger brothers – Yegor and Kirill.

Our pupil… Our athlete… father, mother, grandmother and two younger brothers Yegor and Kirill died with him… Great grief for the sambo wrestlers’ family, relatives and for all of us,” wrote the coach of the deceased young man.”

Sumy region borders with Russia, which is why fierce battles have been going on on its territory ever since the war started. The social media posting contains a number of family pictures along with a request to help the relatives by giving them donations. The Ukraine Sambo community was crushed to read about the devastating loss of a young family.