(Video) Baseball player takes on the Holly Holm leg kick challenge

A surprising encounter unfolded when baseball athlete Danny Oberest crossed paths with former UFC champion Holly Holm. The unusual request made by Oberest led to an unexpected turn of events.

It’s not uncommon for fans to seek interaction with their admired sports figures, even if it means braving a light strike from them. While it may seem unconventional, such interactions hold a unique appeal, especially for devoted fans. These encounters usually involve controlled strikes, ensuring minimal risk for the fan involved.

During a recent event, Savannah Bananas’ player Danny Oberest found himself face to face with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm. Holm, present at a baseball match, took the opportunity to engage with Oberest on the field. What started as a friendly exchange soon took an intriguing twist when Oberest proposed a rather unusual request – a leg kick from Holm.

Initially hesitant, Holm eventually consented under the condition of delivering the kick at 30% of her strength. With Oberest poised and ready, the moment arrived. Holm executed the kick, making contact with Oberest’s thigh. Though delivered with minimal force, it left Oberest visibly discomforted, though he attempted to conceal it behind a composed facade.

As Oberest departed, he couldn’t help but express his surprise, noting, “That was 30%? Holy s**t.”

The shared footage of the encounter quickly gained traction on Oberest’s social media, captivating fans across various platforms. Observant viewers noted the restrained nature of Holm’s strike, indicative of her reluctance to cause harm to Oberest.

Commentary flooded in from intrigued viewers, with one remarking, “She was really considerate with that kick,” while another pointed out, “She didn’t even fully commit to it.”

Holly Holm rose to prominence within the MMA community with her historic victory over Ronda Rousey in 2015. Holm’s remarkable debut in the UFC saw her outclass Rousey with her superior striking, securing the bantamweight title and dealing Rousey her first professional defeat.

In her most recent appearance at UFC 300, Holm faced off against PFL standout Kayla Harrison in a highly anticipated showdown. Despite a spirited effort, Holm succumbed to Harrison’s prowess, ultimately conceding defeat via submission in the second round.