‘Ukrainian McGregor’ blames Russian friends for falsified MMA record before UFC debut

Ukrainian MMA prospect Askar Mozharov spoke up regarding the controversy of his inflated MMA record. ‘No Mercy’ said he has nothing to do with the multitude of falsifications – that are all in his favor.

Previously, Askar Mozharov had an impressive professional record of 25-7. With a 3-fight win streak in his recent outings. Mozharov is making his UFC debut this weekend. However, the team at MMA database site ‘Sherdog’ found an interesting data anomaly and started investigating.

They found out that Mozharov’s record is not accurate – it’s instead drastically inflated at 21-12. Sherdog associate editor Jay Pettry who is handling this issue detailed it in a story where he and his site’s “Fight Finder” got falsified by Mozharov’s circle.

“Following up on something from last night, the Askar Mozharov saga continues. Once 21-12, he is now officially 19-12. The Fight Finder team located events he “competed” at, and he was nowhere to be seen. Other event dates shifted, and we have the new tally now. Wild.” Pettry wrote on Twitter.

Long story short, his record got adjusted again and it’s now 19-12, a very huge difference compared to the initial record. Askar Mozharov is still set to compete at UFC Vegas 56 on June 4 against Alonzo Menifield.

During the pre-fight press conference, the 27-year-old blamed MMA promotions in China for not recording his fights.

“I spent so much time since the age of 18 fighting professional fights and pretty much fighting everyone that I could. I don’t build my record or whatever, but a lot of the fights I had were in China.”

“Those organizations don’t add fights after, so you have to really pursue it to make sure that they add the fights that you had and make sure that you have it on record. This is actually a situation that, in the last seven, eight years, no one mentioned anything.”

“No one said anything. Now that I get up to the biggest promotion, to the UFC, I guess someone or one of the admins wanted to show themself. It’s a little bit weird, right.” Mozharov said.

Mozharov also speculated that it was probably because he changed his name in the past. He said he wasn’t really paying attention about professional or amateur bouts because he just focused on winning.

“Aside from that, it’s just some situations that I had basically when I was starting this career. I wasn’t even fighting MMA and I took some semi-pro fights. ”

“I didn’t know that they were going to be counted toward my record. That was under my name before. When I had a stepfather, I changed my first name. I changed my last name.”

“So there was a little bit of a mix-up with that, but I just focused on the fights and nothing about these records. They don’t really mean much.” Mozharov added.


Mozharov also posted the following justification:

“For 7 years my record was fine but as soon as I got a fight in UFC you started destroying it. They didn’t like me from the start”

“I was framed by two people from Russia whom I trusted!”

“This admin writes nasty things for me that I’m a scammer. You can only put the results you wanted to disgracce and break me?”

“Take away the opportunity to be happy and help my country and my family in a difficult time?”

“Why do you need it?”

“I never forgive anyone for anything. You should have contacted me, before you do this, listen to me! But you wanted to dirty me. I don’t care what you did to my numbers. Everyone who would like to hear a true story of my fighting career and mistunderstand with Sherdog I can give all comments after fight. I respect fightmatrix.com I think this iste is the best one and they didn’t betray me”