Fans roast official UFC channel after they released Rose Namajunas Carla Esparza snoozefest

Israel Adesanya is often criticized for his strategic approach to title bouts however the bout that earned Carla Esparza her title puts any Adesanya event to shame.

There was a total of 67 strikes exchanged between the two – in 5 Rounds. For the sake of comparison Max Holloway landed 127 significant strikes in title bout against Alex Volkanovski recently. This is to Volkanovski’s 199,

And while Namajunas has a sizeable fanbase it was a mind boggling performance. Which makes it all the more interesting UFC would release the footage for free at all. Because not only does this not promote either Esparza or Namajunas it’s hard to imagine sitting through those 5 rounds again.

No wonder White was watching Canelo during the event.

Once UFC posted this nugget online the fans proceeded to roast both competitors, the promotion and whoever was running the channel. Some of the best comments read:

“We actually didn’t need this one guys”

“Let’s praise these 2 ladies for saying NO to fighting and advocating for peace. Two absolute legends!”

“The way both managed not to get hit a single time is very impressive, a true masterclass shown by these two”

“The way in which Rose screamed “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” after a complete bloodbath, gave me chills! Savage!”

“Say what you want to but this fight saved my life. I’m a sufferer of chronic untreatable insomnia. I hadn’t slept in 15 days before this came onto my rotation and I don’t remember anything after round one. I slept for 40 days and 40 nights. Whenever the night demons visit me I shall put on this elixir of hope. This enabler of dreams. This sweet relief of sleep.”

“A lot of people criticize this fight but i really am grateful for it. My brother was in a horrific car wreck and fell into a coma and wasn’t expected to wake up. I put this fight on the tv and my brother miraculously woke up to change the channel. Thanks ufc”

Perhaps the best moment of the event was when Namajunas tried celebrating in the end as if she won.

Following the embarrassing performance, her fiance/coach went on MMA hour to try and justify the ordeal and ended up painting a picture of Namajunas as an extremely superstitious not to say paranoid frail competitor.

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