Fans repost Pat Barry losses after Barry implies predator comments could’ve led to UFC 274 flop

Pat Barry showed an increasingly strange side of himself during the now infamous MMA Hour interview. In it, Pat tried to shift blame to anyone besides himself and went on to blame Namajunas, Namajunas’ family and Sean Strickland for the outcome of the lackluster performance.

The lack of personal responsibility and accountability didn’t sit right with anyone – especially coupled with his Joshua Fabia like interview antics.

One of the highlights of the interview was Barry’s  explanation for how MMA community examining his influence on teenaged Rose Namajunas might’ve caused her to lose to Esparza.

“This whole Sean Strickland thing that is all over the place everywhere. Years ago, Rose did an interview and said ‘I joined Roufus sport when I was 14 years ago, and then I left Rufussport for a few years.”

“Then I came back to Roufus sport , to pursue my MMA career, and that’s where I met my fiancee Pat Barry’. When the guy wrote the interview up, he wrote ‘Rose Namajunas joined Roufussport when she was 14 years old where she met her fiance Pat Barry, when she was 14 years old’.”

Pat Barry continued, “That’s where everyone is getting this s*it from, a botched interview. That’s where everyone is getting all that from because someone decided to write it that way. ”

“It must’ve seemed credible and they just run with it. It’s those types of things everywhere that cause Rose to get into the fight with Carla, and be emotional.”


Despite that Barry went on to incredulously claim he’s ‘good’ with Strickland and kinda friends.

“Sean Strickland and I are actually kind of a cool, we’re actually kind of friends. Actually. We’ve had every time we see him, we laugh and joke with this dude all the time.”


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Fans are taking umbrage to the way Barry has addressed rumors and have taken to reposting the biggest L’s of his professional career. Social media platforms and relevant reddit communities are overflowing with Barry videos today.

This is in part due to him mentioning that those videos get to him during the Helwani interview.