Cormier admits to fooling the scale during Hall Of Fame speech

Daniel Cormier received significant backlash last month when he once again denied using a trick to fool the scale back in the day. The case became relevant once again with longtime UFC employee Charles Oliveira missing weight by 0.5lbs and having to relinquish his title as a result.

Cormier then reacted saying:

“You really think I grabbed that towel?”

As everyone can see Cormier clearly grabbed the towel and pushed it down. Obviously, the rest of the tweet came from UFC fans who got irritated by Cormier’s rebuttal. One fan even provided a clear picture of the moment.

Daniel Cormier denying he cheated contradicts what he said not long ago. During one episode of his show ‘The DC Check-In’, the 43-year-old bragged about the towel trick that he invented.

“Obviously you remember how I … uh … made the weight for the ‘Rumble’ fight, you know what I’m saying? You remember how I got it done over there. Remember I’m up there making sure I don’t put too much pressure down on it, so I don’t go down too low! But it’s real, when you have a bad weight cut, it [doesn’t] come back. Cormier said.


But in his Hall of Fame speech Cormier sang a different tune, admitting to orchestrating the whole thing with a teammate.

“Guys, I want to tell you something because I feel like right now is the time to be completely transparent,” Cormier said on stage. “I think I may have grabbed the towel in Buffalo.”

“I walked to the back after missing weight by 1.2 pounds,” Cormier explained. “It was 1.2. I tried to give it up, guys. Trust me, I tried to give it up. I had a pound to lose. They even went and called my wife to try and get me back in the tub. I said no way, this s*** is over. She told me ‘Daniel, just take a hot bath.’ I go, it’s not that simple.

“I walk back, [my coach] he goes ‘DC, do you remember the old wrestling trick?’ I said, can you stand behind me? Because there’s two — you can put your hands behind you and your person can lift you up. He said, ‘No, it’s the towel one.’”

“Do you understand the level of ridiculousness that has to happen in order for that to work?” Cormier said. “I looked down and I could not believe my luck. I am a lucky guy. Even when I would lose, the belt would just somehow come back to me. I was like, I’m a lucky guy.

“So I look down and the commissioner’s on the floor looking at the scale. There’s a second lady and I look down — she’s right next to him, so I grab the towel and I’m like, ‘S*** we’re home free.’ [Marc] Ratner, I know I would never get you like that, but in New York, first time, you know what it is. It is what it is.”

“‘Rumble,’ I’m sorry my guy,” Cormier said to his former opponent.

Cormier also shouted out longtime teammate who is facing serious legal charges – Cain Velasquez.
“Every single moment that I had, Cain Velasquez was to my right and to my left,” Cormier said. “He never let me do it alone.

“This is my message to Cain — I know you’re going through it, my brother, I swear every time you look to your right, I’ll be there. You look to your left, I’ll be there.”